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Computer repaired.

2010-12-05 08:34:38 by Spriteanimator

In april 2010 my computer crashed. it took a long time to repair it. But now it works again and I can work on the third episode again. I don´t know how long it will take to finish it but you can look forward to it because it will be fully made in drawn with a few 3D Effects. See ya later.

Episode 2 is out

2010-03-21 13:18:44 by Spriteanimator

after a few months it´s finally out.


2009-09-08 08:28:56 by Spriteanimator

My spriter for ML3 Boo Mario quitted so I need a new one. Can anybody help me please ?
The second episode is in progress but I need an ML3 Boo Mario to continue.If you want to see the W.I.P of the animation you can see it here

Mapper wanted

2009-06-11 08:09:39 by Spriteanimator

I search a mapper for my sprite series. The maps will be in MLSS style

My Super Mario Galaxy Series

2009-04-01 10:28:13 by Spriteanimator

I make an SMG Series but I don´t have the sprites of mario´s powerups and it takes a long time to make them. Can anybody help me , please ? It should be in MLSS style.